Rainbow Goblins

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高中正義さんの『虹伝説』を1曲づつ弾いていますが、各曲の冒頭にある英語のセリフを 忘れないように記録しておきます。


『虹伝説』は高中正義さんがウル・デ・リコの絵本「THE RAIBOW GOBLINS」にインスパイア―されて製作したコンセプト・アルバムで 1981年にリリースされています。

当時「フュージョン」と呼ばれていたカテゴリーでは間違いなく最高峰の作品です。 正確なリズムでリピートを繰りしながらピッチシフトしていくディレイやソリーナで鳴らされたヴォコーダ、ヴォリュームペダル+オクターバー+ディレイの幻想的なギター、(当時としては) 速弾きなど驚いたものです。

現在弾けたのはやっと8曲です。 生きている間に終わるだろうか?

Yostos · Seven Goblins


Prologue - Once Upon A Song

A long time ago. There was a hidden valley called the valley of the Rainbow, where the animals lived in peace.

This valley was the only place in the land which had never known the fear of the seven goblins. Each goblin was named after his own colour:Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet.

Seven Goblins

The seven goblins lived by eating the colours from rainbows: for that reason, they were known as the Rainbow Goblins. They were always looking for rainbows, to suck the colors from them and so to fill their bellies.

One day, the Rainbow Goblins heard about the Valley of the Rainbow. It gave them an infinite appelite just thinking about the great banquet they could enjoyed there.

Immediately,they gathered their tools and set off in search of the legendary valley. It didn't matter to them, to roam about the steep hills or to climb up the high mountains. Whenever difficulties arose concerning their journey, they just thought of the delicious colours ahead.

The Sunset Valley

The sun was about to set when the goblins finally arrived at the very entrance of the valley:the place that gave birth to the Rainbow. That night, they decided to stay in a cave nearby.

it's the sunset valley 星を隠した雲さえ晴れる My rainbowland

it's the evening breeze 風が運ぶよ乾いたメロディ My precious time

The Moon Rose

Later on, finding the goblins in the cave, sitting around the fire, the moon which had just listen, warned the valley about there arrival. The news spread rapidly. The trees, the bushes, the animals, the flowers, the grasses, they all cried with fear.

The Rainbow Goblins have come.


The excited goblins began to discuss there plans to snatched the rainbow. "We'll eat the colours ,while the Rainbow is still fresh and juicy." they said. But some roots, hanging loosely from the ceiling of the cave, listened carefully while the goblins schemed below.

Magical Night Light

Outside the cave. The moonshined reflected on the water. It's magical light stool into the cave, slightly illuminating the goblins, who had fall on asleep. Suddenly all the goblins had a dream about the paradise of Rainbowland. It was a wonderful dream, in which they lay down surrounded by huge and delicious rainbows.

Rainbow Paradise

Rainbow paradise the dream goes on andon. it's shining bright but it's only a dream. Just a fairy late of marry go around.

Thunder Storm

he goblins were awakened when it began to thunder in the distance. "Great, a wild storm!" they said. Knowing that the most wonderful rainbows sprig from the biggest thunderstorms, they began to dance.

Rising Arch

The sight of the meadow look their breath away. The rising arch of the rainbow was so bright.

Just Chuckle

Suddenly the Rainbows vanished, while the goblins held their lassoes in the air, and then controlled by the flowers, who had listened to a message from their roots, the goblins were caught by their own lassoes. The flowers cleverly sucked in the colours of the Rainbow- and began to drown the goblins in the colours they had come to steal.



Just chuckle Just chuckle

夢見たことは もう知らない





Just chuckle Just chuckle




Rainbow Was Reborn - Plumed Bird

Saved by the flowers, the Rainbow was reborn: more glorious and more splendid than ever before.

As an act of grace, the rainbow transformed the flowers into beautiful butterflies, brilliant dragonflies and magnificently plumed birds.

You Can Never Come To This Place

Since that incident,the Rainbow become very carefull and decided never again to touch the ground.

So now, although he may wish to... no-one will ever again be able to reach either of the ends of the Rainbow.


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